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DG FastChannel SpotOn iPhone App

SpotOn iPhone App (iTunes)

The SpotOn iPhone app for DG FastChannel was a contract project that I worked on with Ben Loveridge in the first quarter of 2010. The app was built for DG’s clients, so although it’s free, it requires an account with DG FastChannel to access. Developing the app was fun and challenging in a number of ways. One challenge that sticks out is placing a static logo in the top left of every view. The majority of the app was focused on presenting lists of data, so the UITableViewController subclass was initially used for most of the pages. However, this made it difficult to then place the logo on each of these views as it didn’t fit the view model. Additionally, we began to required other views such as a paging view and loading view on these pages. In order to accommodate these views and still achieve a dynamic, fluid view that took into account dynamic sizing of the view, we converted all the UITableViewController views into UIViewController views and placed UITableView components within the parent view and made the table delegate to the parent view. The change only took a few hours and made the app simpler and more robust.