Fox On Demand Video Player

Fox on Demand

One of my first projects at Move was working with to build their Full Episode video player. I was one of two main developers on the project from Move to redesign their Fox on Demand (FOD) page in early ’08. I was tasked with building a hybrid video player that played both Flash and Move encoded content that could then pull content from both back end systems as well as interface with an Ad Decision Server (ADS) for serving up pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls in both video formats as well as a multi-format companion ads. The main video controller was written in AS2 that interfaced in multiple areas with the page through JS. This was one of my first large-scale projects and I enjoyed working on it, even up to the 4am launch.

UPDATE: Fox recently moved away from using Move on their site, so the current site is now entirely Flash. Nothings permanent on the web.